Tips on budgeting for your wedding

Here's a few tips to take your wedding day from drab to fab!

Number one - Less is more & this includes ... guests

If you're on a budget be brutal with that guest list

Who really know's 150 people?

If mom & dad are paying and there's no budget limit then go crazy & have every friend, auntie, uncle, work colleague, long lost cousin, distant relation, friend of auntie's friend ... have them all there!

Otherwise - keep it real.

The less guests you have the more you can treat them to something fabulous.

The money you save on those 50 extra guests can give you freshly shucked oysters, artisan cheese platters, delightful live gypsy music under the trees and even a gin bar with pink gin cocktails & sprigs of rosemary! Imagine it .... all these awesome extras because you knocked a few people you've never met or haven't seen in years off the list.

The next thing - drop all the unnecessary knick-knacks .... especially with forest and outdoor weddings, nature's given you everything - you do not need ..... let's repeat this ..... you do not need truck loads of decor.

Next tip - if you think you're going to save money shopping around for cheap catering, don't even think about it - . Read the small print carefully - outside caterers charge separately for staff, transport, kitchen set-up, crockery & cutlery and a miriad of other little costs that add up and up. Unless an outside caterer has been referred to you by a fussy pal that you can trust - trust your venue.

The bulk of your budget needs to go to the right venue for you with a passionate planner (a planner with ocd and control freak issues is the best). The menu must be just right, fresh and top quality & the flowers must be as pretty as can be. Some lovely music and ..... There you go - you're all set.

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