Let's tell our visitors a little about our special events and festivals:
Our vision & goal - to make people HAPPY!
We created a magical space at our venue where imaginations can soar & we are taken back in time to a bygone time of old fashioned activities, books, reading ,literature, stories, once upon a time and fairy tales.
Our events are a family run venture.  We have used our gifts to create by making wonderful forest trails and the beautiful, realistic Faerie Trail - a wonderful make-believe world where fairy lovers and lovers of stories and tiny folk can let their imaginations soar and delight at the little houses and little fairies.
You will find no jumping castles here - A wonderful forest,old fashioned fun like tomahawk toss, archery, tree climbing, forest trails, zip-lining from tree to tree, kite flying and other outdoor fun. 

Our events are all pet-friendly and all well behaved pooches are welcome